Support and management of high-level events across corporate, sports and product launches.
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Major events


Attendees at our events


Product launches

Corporate Events

Elevate Business Gatherings

Transform corporate events into memorable experiences that inspire and connect. From intimate meetings to grand conferences, foster environments that cultivate networking and innovation.

Product Launch

Unveil with Impact

Make your product launch the event of the season. We specialize in creating buzzworthy experiences that capture attention, engage audiences, and amplify your product’s market entry.

Explore Plans

Champions of Memorable Sports Events

Ignite brand visibility through crafting memorable athletic experiences that not only promote health and fitness but also spotlight your brand’s values and commitment to the community.

Every Aspect Covered


Development of creative assets for events; stands, marquees, sales office, trade exhibitions and signage.


Management of security staff, merchandisers, guest speakers an attendees.


Facilitating collaborations, press, PR management and Influencers to reach new audiences and add value.


Full staff supplied across security, merchandise, hospitality and more, ensuring smooth-running!

Working with Agence 121
A comprehensive service that includes brand territory analysis, problem analysis, identification of needs, and global communications consultancy.
We specialize in crafting and bringing to life innovative creative concepts, ensuring they are  presented in a compelling manner.
Marketing activation, utilizing a range of tools including digital and print mediums to effectively engage and captivate your target audience.
Operational planning and deployment and meticulous supervision of media communications to ensure superior quality and impact.
Work that makes an impact
Stock Options
Invest in our shared future with stock options that align your growth with Finsense's success.
Competitive Salary
Remuneration that reflects your expertise and our commitment to rewarding talent competitively.
Generous Leave
Recharge and reconnect with ample leave provisions, ensuring work-life harmony.
Flexible Work Week
Adapt and thrive with a work week that respects individual rhythms and optimizes productivity.
New customer sign ups from experiential launch event.
“Working with Agence 121 is a real pleasure both on a human and professional level, I have dealt with a creative, committed, and expert team that allowed me to shape my project.”


Brand Manager, Nestlé

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